Diving In

When I was 15 years old, my family vacationed on a relative’s property in Connecticut. We stayed in an old barn that had been renovated to serve as a guest house. There was a pool on the property as well, complete with a diving board. I’ve never been afraid of heights; in fact, earlier that very summer, I had enthusiastically boarded the tallest roller coasters at Six Flags with friends and rappelled down the face of a huge cliff at summer camp, yet I could not will myself to step off of that diving board. It couldn’t have been more than 3 feet above the surface of the water, and yet… no go. This went on for days. My little brother, upon witnessing countless failed diving board attempts, mercifully sneaked up behind me and pushed me over the edge. A damning shriek, brief flailing and sputtering, and then… FREEDOM. After that, jumping off the diving board was no big deal.

So it is with blogging. I set up my first personal blogging site over 6 years ago, I wrote a few posts on personal stories and thoughts on current events and movies. Yes, there is even a post about Avatar. No, I won’t be publishing it. That is SO 2009.

Anyway –

The blog was set up, writing ensued and was edited and edited again, and yet… no go. I have theories about why I flaked out on publishing, but it boiled down to fear and needing to just GET OVER myself. So this is me, soaking in the courage of bloggers who have already taken the plunge, playing the role of my little brother and pushing this blog off the edge by finally hitting the “publish” button.

I’m diving in.

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