The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Quilling is a wonderful hobby I picked up back in 2007, promptly after Jared left for his first deployment with the Army to Iraq. I was student teaching full-time and staying with my parents, but I still had a lot of time left at the end of the day and a lot of worries heavily weighing on my mind.

I went to get a haircut one dreary January afternoon and, among the few Christmas decorations that remained in the shop, a small dove caught my eye. It was gilded with gold leaf, absolutely stunning. I remember asking out loud to no one in particular, “What is this craft?” And a voice in my head (weird, I know, but just go with it… I did.) responded, “I think that’s quilling.” Mind you, I had never heard of or seen quilling before this moment, at least not according to my conscious memory. So I decided to go with the voice in my head and Googled “quilling.” Sure enough, that’s what it was. I was hooked. That night, I bought a whopping $30 in supplies (which got me everything I needed to get started and then some… money goes long way in this hobby, which is one of its many benefits).

This was the first “big” project I completed a couple weeks later and the only piece I have never parted with:


Before we brought home our baby girl in 2012, I did a lot of quilling. Elaborate custom orders, gifts, quilling just for fun, Etsy orders, etc. I always had a quilling project going. Quilling has a rich heritage and is especially popular in Europe, but there is a North American Quilling Guild as well, which I was a member of for years. Some serious talent in that crowd!

The best part for me is that quilling helped get me through both of my husband’s deployments and a host of other transitions since 2007. Busy hands tend to keep my spirit light and my worries at bay. I know many can relate to that…

I do not quill as much in this current season of life; however, I always find time as Christmas approaches. In fact, I find the desire to quill irresistible this time of year.  Last year, I decided to put that quilling to good use and offered some of it for sale. The response was fantastic, so I’m doing it again this year. Between now and December 1st, I’ll be taking orders for these tiny quilled Nativity keepsakes. $12, shipped, $10 without shipping local orders. Though they are handmade entirely out of paper (sealed with a matte finish), they are quite sturdy and will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas (or everyday) decor for many years to come. If you would like to order one (or more), feel free to email me at or look for me on Facebook at Twirled Peace: Quilled Creations and I’d be happy to share more details with you about how you can get a quilled Nativity of your very own.

Plus, it’s totally an excuse for me to do something Christmasy in October. 🙂

IMG_6305 IMG_5672

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