So They’re Remaking MacGyver

Since my main source of news is my Facebook feed (I know), the first I saw about a MacGyver remake was from a friend’s post:

It’s true… a remake of a favorite 80s/90s show has a special way of making make me feel old. Yet I also expected to be pleased with this news; the more MacGyver the better, right? Instead, I found myself shaking my head. Upon reflecting on this response, it turns out I have 3 mediocre and self-centered reasons for doing so:

1) I am pretty sure Angus MacGyver/Richard Dean Anderson was my first crush. The 30+ year age difference didn’t pose an obstacle to 7-year-old me and I was certain I would marry either him or one of the Duke brothers.

Really, CBS… why mess with perfection?

Ironically, the man I actually did marry has little use for duct tape and only uses paper clips strictly for in-office purposes as intended.

I’ve made my peace.

2) One of my very few retro-nerdy-ish things that I totally OWN will be mainstreamed and will no longer be retro-nerdy-ish in the least. That is, the fact that I daily replace the verb “made” with “MacGyvered” when referring to makeshift anything. I admit, using the term is the same as giving myself a high-five for resourcefulness on the fly. Since I lack the genius and absurdly adventurous circumstances of the real MacGyver, most of my “MacGyvereds” take place in the context of interacting with my 3-year-old:

-“Here. I MacGyvered an indoor run-away-helium-balloon-catching-device.” (tape sticky-side-out secured to the top of a broom handle)

-“Let’s get the bird poop off that slide with a MacGyvered wet wipe.” (spit on a napkin)

-“Again, Sweetie, we are on a road trip and Mommy doesn’t have peanut butter, jelly, or bread in the car… so I MacGyvered this for you.” (an applesauce pouch squeezed into a cup into which she can dunk gas station nutter butter cookies)

3) Streaming-spoiled kids these days won’t know the unsavory option of having to either negotiate a later bedtime on a school night in order to catch the latest episode or beg a parent to record it on VHS. The former was nearly impossible in my house. The latter was usually doable, though well-intentioned attempts at skipping commercials often left transitions between scenes choppy and confusing at best.

Oh well.

I will probably still give the new MacGyver a try. How about you?



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